November 21, 2019


What is a Relentless Lifestyle?

We are the consciously tenacious who refuse to give up no matter what the odds. We persistent individuals have relentless determination and insist on results. We believe in, and practice, continuous education and improvement. As a result, we are the unstoppable!

Relentless Talk Radio encourages people to make a commitment to a health and fitness; invites people to cultivate creativity and support art and fashion; shouts out inspired business concepts that are ready to explode; and champions charitable organizations on a mission to do more good.

Relentless Talk Radio is recorded LIVE in three segments every Tuesday 2:30 – 3:30PM MST LIVE on Facebook @RelentlessTalkRadio.

Links to Replays on YouTube and Podcast are all available on the at

Relentless Talk Radio is a Micalizzi Enterprises endeavor.


I understand that sometimes things change and we have to make an adjustment in your interview timing.

I prefer 2 weeks notice so that I can find your replacement. However, minimally I must have at least 72 hours notice.


Please make a 15 minute appointment with me on my online calendar to test BeLive on the Monday before your interview from 11:30AM -3PM. 

BeLive is super easy.  I will send you a link in your PM on Facebook and then you click on it and you go right to BeLive!  

If you do not find a time that works for you on my calendar then please email me at three times that do work for you on Monday or last resort by Tuesday before 11am.


The Relentless Release Form was emailed or PMed to you when you make your appt to come on Relentless Talk Radio. Please remember to sign and email the Release Form back to Michelle at

If you have not for some reason received the release form please remind Michelle to send it to you again.


Please READ these directions carefully.  

To join a broadcast as a guest you have to have a Facebook profile.

Please, use THE LATEST updated Google Chrome or (if you are connecting via mobile device) download and install the BeLive app (Android ; iOS )

Make SURE you have a STABLE internet connection. 

You may want to CLEAR CACHE and CLOSE all unnecessary tabs and programs on your device.

Some programs may run in the background even when they seem to be closed, so consider using Task Manager or rebooting your device.

Follow the LINK you receive from me via Facebook PM to join the broadcast (click “Join broadcast” for mobile devices or “connect camera” for PC/laptop).

NOTE, that on PC/laptop you can test your camera and mic before you click “connect camera” just click the gear button to open the settings window.


The link I send you fo your BeLive test will also work for your broadcast.  However, the day of the show, I will PM you on FB PM when I am ready for you to connect again via that link.  

You only need to be 100% available during your segment. However, please block 2:30 – 3:45 PM MST to be available.  

PLEASE comment on your other guests posts
at least once LIVE during their interviews.

You do that by just popping on to the Relentless Talk Radio’s Biz Page on Facebook and comment! I will bring your comments on the screen of your fellow guests! This makes for a more engaging show, gives you exposure to your guests networking and most im increases organic reach!


The show is conversational in nature. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

1.) Introduce yourself and your Business

2.) What is your WHY?

3.) What is the biggest lesson you have learned in Business

4.) Michelle will let you know what the weekly “Relentless Food for Thought” Topic is at the time of your BeLive interview. Be prepared to respond.

5 & 6.) You have provided 2 topics to discuss when you make your interview appointment

7.) How do folks get in touch with you.

8.) Remember to let Michelle know if there is any thing you do not want to discuss!


If you have been invited by Michelle to be a Relentless Business Alliance Member please email Michelle at the following:

  • Your #RelentlessSpecial Offer
  • Your Referral Fee Structure
  • A Short Bio (100 words or less)
  • Recent Professional Headshot
  • Mailing Address
  • Location Address
  • 3 preferred Dates for a #RelentlessSpecialEdition (where I will come see you and take a class or chat at your location if you have a location at an event of some kind.)
  • A short video (1 minute long) shot from your phone introducing yourself and telling folks what you do and why you do it.


Segment 1 (2:30 – 2:40 PM)

Relentless Food for Thought With Michelle Micalizzi

5 min (Michelle will prompt Guest to Link with FB PM)

Segment 2 (2:45 – 3:05 PM)

Health & Fitness Guest.

5 min (Michelle will prompt Guest to Link with FB PM)

Segment 3 (3:10-3:30 PM)

Art, Fashion, Entrepreneurism or Philanthropy Guest


THANK YOU  for coming on Relentless Talk Radio. 

Please do share your contact info and comment on your live Facebook post if you have not already!

I will send your Facebook and YouTube Links to your interview ASAP via Facebook Messenger.  

SHARE your YouTube with your folks who are not on social media, in your email newsletters and on your website.  

Once you receive your Youtube links please comment on your and your fellow guests YouTube videos!!

Finally, please subscribe and invite your listeners to subscribe to the Relentless Talk Radio YouTube Channel.