February 12, 2019

Health & Fitness

Michelle Micalizzi has been in and around fitness & health her entire life. Growing up in a Bicycle Store in Vermont and being a competitive gymnast and swimmer from the age of eight taught her how to put health first. As a registered yoga teacher, a certified personal trainer and a certified health coach with with a life time of experience she is committed to ending obesity and helping people to be there best.

Nutrition Partner – Isagenix

Isagenix is Micalizzi Enterprises official nutrition partner. Learn more about Isagenix at: micalizzi.isagenix.com

Learn more about Isagenix at: micalizzi.isagenix.com

Relentless Talk Radio – Health & Fitness Facebook Group 

Michelle Micalizzi is on a mission to help as many people as possible reach their health & fitness goals! This a place for unconditional support and motivation!

FITNESS EVENTS: Regular opportunities to meet up to hike and take various fitness classes at a discount though out the Valley are available!

EDUCATION: The Relentless Health & Fitness Alliance team & I will be regularly be sharing tips, tricks and knowledge with group members exclusively!

JOIN and INVITE your Friends to JOIN: facebook.com/groups/RTRHealthandFitness/about/

Relentless Health & Fitness Alliance Team

Michelle has a passion for helping health professionals to grow their business.

If you are on FIRE to grow your health & fitness related business please reach out to Michelle at Michelle@MicalizziEnterprises.com.