July 4, 2017

The Art of Fearlessly Giving Back

This inspirational project is a community awareness series that champions the mission of select charitable organizations and the social responsible companies and philanthropic individuals that support them.

The goal of the project is to creatively raise awareness and funds for worthwhile causes while demonstrating how giving back to communities is smart business.

The first AoFGB project focused on one company and six non-profits that they support.  (For more information about that project see the link below.)

The Art of Fearlessly Giving Back I – WebPT


In 2019, the second AoFGB will focus on one non-profit and 13 smart businesses that support that non-profit.

Non-profits are currently being interviewed on Facebook LIVE every Tuesday on Relentless Talk Radio from 2:30-3:30 PM.

Replays will be available via PodCast and YouTube soon after each interview.

Micalizzi and her trusted relentless team will be narrowing the group down to three non-profits. The public can then vote on who they feel is the best non-profit for the project from August 13th–20th.

The series’ first blog post and art workweek will post on August 27th.

Listen weekly on Relentless Talk Radio as Micalizzi interviews the leaders of the non-profit and the business owners that support their mission as she digs deeper into their why.

The Art of Fearlessly Giving Back Opening Reception and Auction will be on First Friday December 6th at a location to be announced.

The paintings created will be for sale by Fearless Auction online and in person.  10% of the ask price for each piece will be donated to the non-profit as well as a percentage of profit from all print on demand retail items inspired by the piece. Additionally, the amount that each work auctions for over and above the starting price of the piece will be donated 100% to the non-profit.

Micalizzi has an ultimate goal of writing a million dollar donation check to the non-profit. What a tremendously joyful achievement it will be to HIT THAT GOAL the second year of this unique project!!


fearlessauction.com is currently closed and will reopen for the AoFGB II Auction in December of 2019

Special Fearless thank you to Fearless Editor Peg Quinn!

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Peg Quinn is a seasoned freelance copy writer/editor. An expert stylistic editor she embraces working with artists, authors, and corporate professionals. Quinn understands that every writer has a unique voice and an individual tone, she respects, refines and enhances that uniqueness to capture the essence of all forms of storytelling.

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